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Web Security; why CMS are susceptible to hacks
  • Web Security; why CMS are susceptible to hacks
Web Security; why CMS are susceptible to hacks

Web Security 

when it comes to website development, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal come to play. what do they have in common? they are the most popular website development tools in todays’ world. As statistics have it, they control close to about 75% of the market websites. and for this Web Security comes into play.

Why are CMS are so vulnerable

Content Management Systems (CMS) Web Security, are vulnerable by nature because they are built on open source frameworks. with Such shared development environments, there are several benefits but they also have their share of cons , many of which arise form a lack of accountability due to their open source status.

Secondly, many use are used to using weak passwords which are vulnerable to attacks such as brute force.

there is also the issue of various CMS plugins and themes, which are also exposed to attacks. Each of these is created by a different developer and may introduce an additional set of vulnerabilities.

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Recent studies found that over 20% of the most popular WordPress plugins were vulnerable to hacking, while about eight million susceptible plugins had been downloaded from WordPress alone.

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How to protect yourself from CMS vulnerabilities

  • There are a number of ways to protect against CMS vulnerabilities;
  • Regular Back ups of CMS and their databases. at least done weekly
  • Regularly Update your sites such as wordpress, joomla sites
  • avoid use of common username (e.g. admin) use strong passwords (at least eight characters long, with a combination of upper and lower case, letters and numerical characters).
  • regularly update plugins that are installed on your websites

The more hackers attempt to gain access, the stronger security becomes. The greater the security, the harder the criminal element tries to gain access. It’s an ongoing process where one entity constantly tries to surpass the other. 

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