video conferencing services in Kenya

Our Video Conferencing Services in Kenya

video conferencing services plays an important role nowadays. In modern day to day business processes, face-to-face business meetings are crucial for networking. Being in a dynamic Globe, there comes time when you can’t  meet physical due to unforeseen reasons. Whether it is about reducing the operation costs or communicating with partners in different regions, video and audio conferencing is a smart solution for any business.

At iDeveloper Technologies, we strive to ensure provision of  high-tech audio-visual system that streamlines crisp images, connecting directly you to your delegates and clients. If you’re looking to connect to any of your organization partner branch, regional office or do global outsourcing, we ensure that you uninterrupted audio and video conferencing by setting up and configuration of your video conferencing solution.

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What you Get

Cost Effective


HD Video Quality

Skype Compatible

Video Conferencing provides you with service quality and feature set to create a virtual face-to-face experience with customers, prospects, partners and colleagues without the time commitment and expense of travel. Ensure strong customer relationships, Synchronize sales activities across the business, and also improve internal communication for enterprises of any size.

We work with leading video conferencing solutions providers. Polycom Video Conferencing is the leading video solutions provider globally and our experts have the experience required to set up their systems. The systems can organized in boardrooms, large conference rooms, classrooms and other meeting rooms.