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10 Search Engine optimization Essentials
  • 10 Search Engine optimization Essentials
10 Search Engine optimization Essentials
By JOHN KELVN In Social Media Marketing Posted January 9, 2017 0 Comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

whats SEO?

How many time have we heard it? I mean Search Engine Optimization , yes SEO. In general, its usually means ways by which you can use to create visibility of your site and also make it rank higher in search engines result page (Google, yahoo, bing).

Search Engine Optimization  enable you to position your site such that potential audience or your targeted audience can easily find your website in the ever populated search engine results.

Many of us have and own websites, but that alone is not enough. you have to market your website, make it known to people out there, and how is this achieved? this is where Search Engine Optimization  comes in.  

How can i achieve search engine optimization? 

How can you design your website search that its more appealing to your audience and still ready for Search engines? Search engines grade or rank your site by considering the features of your website. below are factors that make up Search Engine Optimization .

what are search engines looking for?

Below are the various essentials that make Search Engine Optimization achievable 

website speed:  how long does it take your website to load? This is becoming a big factor on Search Engines. make your website lighter by optimizing your images and script and CSS file. you can use google page speed insights to learn more about your site speed.

meta descriptions and title tags: Meta Description are usually the short description that appear just below your website display in search engines page result. the title tags help tell people what your site is all about. its usually shown at the top of your website tabs in browser. check the image below.                                                Search Engine Optimization

Image Tags: its advisable that all images on your website have an alt attribute (used to identify the image in case it fails to load). Search engines cant see your image but can read your image alt attribute and this is beneficial.

Social:  This include creating a presence in all or the major social media platforms to not only offer marketing but also engage with your clients. 

Mobile friendly designHaving your website easy to view over mobile device is the next frontier of Search Engine Optimization. Google in particular has it that they are going to give preference to mobile friendly website first.

Links & Inter Linking: having your key word into your links is crucial towards SEO. with such links it makes it easy to get your content via search engines. inter linking, enable your audience to read more of your product thus reducing your bounce rates.

keyword stuffing:  much as keyword are important, over using them is not advisable since it may hinder on the readability of your content. doing a keyword research is good enough to help you in using your keywords. 

Content quality:  make content that is needed by people out there, content that is read and wild shared by audience. write content that’s geared towards human and not for the search engines. don’t overuse your keywords in order to get much higher rank but write content that’s needed by humans.

Local SEO: Google is looking to bring content that is relevant to audience within particular location within which the search is being done from. Consider registering with Google my business and make your business be found on the local scene. 

Headlines: make your website headlines attractive, less than 55 characters long to ensure their complete visibility on search engine result page.