Our portfolio: Beyond Prospect


Web Design Services

One of our web design services client is Beyond Prospect, a specialist recruitment consultancy and recruitment agency working across all sectors.

we offer a range of recruitment services and appoint at every level, we link job seekers with jobs and find talent for employers and for this reason we had to find web design services that works for us.

what underpins our work is commitment to working in partnership with clients and candidates t deliver a service of the highest quality, with energy, enthusiasm and fresh thinking.

Beyond prospect has maintained a leadership position based on a valued principle: “we value talent” This valued principle benefits our customers wherever they operate- in a growing number of specialized fields.

iDeveloper Technologies offers web design technology that are professional and with cutting edge technology.  Our Integrated ICT Services make your business stand out from the rest.

visit our site: https://www.beyondprospect.com


  • Client : Beyond Prospect | Recruitment and Job Placement Portal
  • Date : 08/02/2017
  • SKILLS : CV writing / Job placement / Recruitment