point of sale solutions

 Our Point Of Sale Solutions

iDeveloper Technologies point of sale solutions addresses unique challenges affecting both small and large organizations.  we ensure that both small retailers and larger retailers can manage all their sale process. among our key features include; order management, Order tracking, Customer Management, Payment, and reporting.

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Key benefits of our point of sale systems

Better inventory management

 Easily manage to account processes

 Enjoy more comfort and efficiency in delivery of services

 Reduction of errors

Point of sale solutions

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Why A Point of Sale System?

Having a quality Point of sale solutions system (POS) is key towards each business management of its cash flow.  in modern-day business point of sale, solutions enable each business out there to achieve their goals in terms of cash management.  Business software solutions are the way to go by automating your business processes then you get to enjoy efficiency in the delivery of services. 

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iDeveloper Technologies delivers professional Point of Sale Systems that Ensure efficiency in operation and best customer experience during delivery of service. Our POS system comes fitted with all computer parts and related hardware to aid its functioning making it one of our flagship product in our ICT services in Kenya. You can have the system online or part of the local network.

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                                  Order Management 

                                  Order Tracking

                                  Customer Management