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7 SEO tools For Small Business in Kenya

7 SEO tools For Small Business in Kenya We all need to start from somewhere. so you might as well hit the ground running. to start with, we’re going to look at the 7 SEO tools for small business in Kenya. as your business grows you’ll get to see the need of a well rounded […]

10 Steps to create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business in Kenya

Digital Marketing Strategy  Digital Marketing Strategy is becoming a buzz word, but the question is what does it entail? Digital Marketing in its simplest form is the promotion of individual products or brand via electronic media.   Digital Marketing Services in Kenya, are growing in demand.  with more and more people subscribing to the online […]

How to build digital marketing sales funnel for small business in Kenya

Digital marketing sales funnel Digital marketing sales funnel provides a strategy to best reach and convert your leads. As a business owner, you understand better than anyone out there the importance of marketing to your business. with no marketing its certain that your business will fail eventually since you’re not attracting new customers.  with no […]

Benefits of Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV Cameras  Bullet CCTV cameras make up one of the most effective CCTV Security solutions.  Bullet CCTV cameras provide great quality at low cost and also encompass various features, they’re flexible enough to fit in various locations.  They can function on both indoor and outdoor, and also perform on both low lights and normal […]

Not all rules are worth following

“WHO said it could not be done? And what  great victory has he to his credit, which qualifies him to judge others accurately?” -Napoleon Hill If we track a normal person life, the script always goes like; As a kid, he/she goes to school, gets a good grade, goes to university graduates with a good […]

How to create Facebook business page

How to create Facebook business page, A step by step Guide Majority of start up founders are always on the look out on How to create Facebook business page. It’s no longer just a consideration for business to be in Facebook, It’s a must have for all business. as Facebook grows more and  more bigger […]

Importance of a website

importance of a website Introduction So what’s a website? and what is the importance of a website?  in simple terms a website consist of pages hosted on a domain. but what we may not know is that website are so important in modern day world business. Rich websites enable potential and existing consumers to learn […]

  • 10 Search Engine optimization Essentials

10 Search Engine optimization Essentials

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) whats SEO? How many time have we heard it? I mean Search Engine Optimization , yes SEO. In general, its usually means ways by which you can use to create visibility of your site and also make it rank higher in search engines result page (Google, yahoo, bing). Search Engine Optimization  enable […]