10 Free Social Media Marketing tool For SMEs in Kenya

social media

10 Free Social Media Marketing tool For SMEs in Kenya

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is an umbrella term for how to sell your products and services over the social platforms. however with more and more social media site growing it becomes even difficult to manage your presence in all of them at a go, more over having to analyse ROI for each of them becomes even more challenging.

Social Media

Social platforms continues to influence how branding is undertaken nowadays, in fact social media is already replacing the great traditional branding processes.

if you would like to grow your digital marketing ROI, then you’ll need a number of tools to use in your activities. These tools will help your achieve and simplify your social media strategy.

Here is a short list of the various tools that every Small Business Entrepreneur or marketer should posses;


Buffer, allows your to schedule your post on various platforms weekly, daily or even specific times of the day. it comes with analytics tools in built and can help track the performance of your post.

social media


Same as buffer, hootsuite gives you the opportunity to share and schedule post over various platforms. it also integrates LinkedIn groups and url shortener. Hootsuite provides analytics that are in built too to help you track your campaigns.


TweetDeck is a twitter tool which is important to both business and individuals, it enables you to post and manage all your tweets in real time all under one roof.  Its a totally free tool and does not limit the number of accounts.


Not every is star when it comes to graphic design, Canva offers various editable templates that can be easily customized and downloaded to be used for your blog post and also business.

Facebook Insights

Every Facebook Admin have access to this tool. It allows you to check the Performance of every post, your audience activities, page performance i.e. page views, likes and clicks to your campaigns


Bitly is a very great tool, it allows you to shorten all your URL. This makes long URL shorter and fit better in social platform, particularly twitter which has 140 character limit. You can also track all your shorten url clicks. This is important particularly on your digital marketing activities.

Social Clout

Social Clout  is a tool design to share your events and track ROI. It shows what time, demograph engage better with your campaign. It also enables you to know which platform converts better.

Click to tweet

It’s one of the easiest way to share your tweet or content. just type your information that you want to prompt for a share on tweet. once a person clicks on it, they get connect to their twitter handle and share on their timeline.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a must have for every digital marketer and entrepreneur. Having a website integrated with google analytics works to help you track the performance f your business and website content. with this you can make your strategy and make sound decision.


with MeetEdgar, it allow you to re-use your older content. all you do is to categorize your post and Edgar will share all the content and once done it will recycle them once again. If you have older content that had great engagements why not do it again.



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