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E-commerce Website Essentials; Make your Clients Trust you
  • E-commerce Website Essentials; Make your Clients Trust you
E-commerce Website Essentials; Make your Clients Trust you
By JOHN KELVN In Web Design and Development Posted October 22, 2016 0 Comments

E-commerce Website Essentials

In today’s  world, most people are paranoid with their cash. Not very many people trust buying online despite it being common in the developed world. we can’t forever bury  our heads in the sand and ignore the fact that E-commerce is certainly the future. Generation Y is fully pushing E-commerce into new level here in kenya. More and more Online platforms are coming ups; Jumia, Killimall, Kaymu. E-commerce Website Essentials is now something to know more about.

People mind a lot what they spend their money on, so its only natural that they want to know everything there is about the products they want to buy. with electronic money coming into play, it makes the process of online selling even more peculiar to most people. we are used to transaction using liquid cash and this represent a new concept. so the question arise, what makes a client confident enough to trust your E-commerce Cart and buy online from your website? Majority of online sales are abandoned at the cart, how do you avoid this? here are some must have features of your E-commerce Site to help build your clients Trust.

Quality Image

one of E-commerce Website Essentials is image quality. it’s the king when it comes to E-commerce  website; unlike in real life, where your can talk to someone, in E-commerce the images build the most interest from the clients and bearing the human mind finds it easy to process images that text.

Clear LOGO

when it comes to online shopping, a logo is another E-commerce Website Essentials. it’s reassuring symbol  and creates an element of trust and existence of your company or organization. It creates a business card of your business.

E-commerce Website Essentials

Alternate views/Display

much as your have your product image displayed its usually never enough, your client would like to have a variety of angles to view the images clearly displaying the features of the products.

Zoom feature 

besides alternate view,zoom feature is an E-commerce Website Essentials.  the ability to zoom into the product image, makes it even better for the clients to have a clear view of the image.

Related Products

having your clients have the ability to compare products is also a must have, other than them flipping through many pages they can easily compare products features and prices. many E-commerce website are implementing this feature.

Product Reviews

by having a shoppers review feature, it enables the shoppers make final decision. shoppers care other peoples view on the products, be it positive or negative in fact it makes the experience lively, authentic and real for the shoppers

Product Demos

this may include short videos of the product functionality,  how to interact with the products, this feature sharply decreases return rates or abandon rates since the shoppers get to have a live view of what happens.

Social Media, Contacts info, Live Chats

This features bring the human of aspect E-commerce Website Essentials into online selling, being real time, shoppers can readily seek answers to their queries and get responded to in real time

Login, Shopping Cart & Payment media

a login option where a shopper can create a user account and can easily find information on their shopping history helps create trust, moreover shopping cart that constantly shows the shopper what products they have on their cart is also a great feature. Payment platforms such as M-pesa, paypal, credit cards, debit cards.

Search Box

a search box makes it easier for the client to filter and narrow down to a product, bearing in mind that an online E-commerce site has so many other products. this simple makes the shopping process easier.


And thats it we hope the ideas above there will help make your Online Shop the Go to shop, remember we can’t hide from the fact that E-commerce is the future.

get your self E-commerce website, take your business online now.