10 Steps to create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business in Kenya

digital marketing strategy

10 Steps to create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business in Kenya

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Digital Marketing Strategy is becoming a buzz word, but the question is what does it entail? Digital Marketing in its simplest form is the promotion of individual products or brand via electronic media.  

Digital Marketing Services in Kenya, are growing in demand.  with more and more people subscribing to the online platforms, the playing level in terms of marketing has been made easier. 

The majority of small business in Kenya don’t have the financial muscle to keep up with the bigger firms. for this reason, Digital Marketing is essential to their survival. 

Having a Digital Marketing Strategy will help the small business reach and target their intended clients and still have a competitive ability same as the bigger firms.

Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Steps Guide to Creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business in Kenya

1. Setting Goals & Objectives

In setting Digital Marketing Strategy, the key is to set objectives that are SMART  (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely). 

Your Goals and Objectives should align with your business needs and KPI. This should be informed by understanding the Customer Journey i.e. (Awareness, Acquisition, interest, and conversation)

2. Know your Customers

Having an idea of who you really want to target makes your Digital Marketing Strategy development easier to create. These are the people you’re targeting and it’s crucial to understand them so as to even better get to them with your strategy. 

3. Research you Competitor

At this step, you have to check out businesses that are similar to your business and what they offer, what are their digital marketing strategystrategies in terms of how they post on Social Platforms Just to know how they operate their business.  Having a clear understanding of how your competitors work, will help you in developing your strategy to compete with them.



4. Set Up Responsibilities

if you have a team in your business, then give each member a certain task to work on and deliver on the result which will have a further impact on the bigger picture.

If you’re a solo like most start-ups are Sub-divide the task to yourself and start however little you can do, Just start the process.

Setting up the digital marketing strategy activities

5. Content Marketing

Content is one of the most powerful ways to sell your idea on the internet. Content marketing enables one to portray their expertise in the field thus offering knowledge your target audience who look to convert into paying customers.

content marketing activities include; blogging, guest posting, creating E-books, Infographics.

6. E-mail Marketing

E-mail remains one of the oldest forms of marketing, the great thing about e-mail is that they reach directly to the inbox of the clients.

digital marketing strategy

image credit: cre8ive marketing

what to consider:

  • create an opt-in e-mail form.
  • grow your list
  • create good emails
  • set up your goals

7. Social Media Marketing

if you’re setting your digital marketing strategy, then you can’t miss being on the social platform. Social Media Marketing provides a platform to reach even bigger reach on social media. factors to consider when setting your

social media marketing strategy:

  • set up your goals
  • choose platform; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • plan your content to publish
  • advertise via the social media platform

8. Search Engine Marketing

This form of marketing involves, selling your brand, services or products via the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Google offers the best platform in Google Adwords.

The key factor to consider when choosing to use this media include; paid search, PPC (pay – per- click), Search Engine Optimization( i.e. On-page & off-page SEO). Keyword Research. 

9. Mobile Marketing

As the name suggest, mobile marketing runs over mobile devices, in this case, smartphones & tablets. It involves Ads that appear on smartphone Apps such as Games, Social Platform Apps.

The major factors to consider include; Setting up your mobile goals & marketing, Choosing platform (messages, in games, apps)

10. Affiliate Marketing

with affiliate marketing, you gain traffic by promoting other popular content. The purpose here is to convert traffic brought to your site as a result of promoting the popular products, or brands. 

it’s usually a difficult process and may take time but your goal here is to convert the traffic to site and convert it. 


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