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The difference between web hosting and domain names
  • The difference between web hosting and domain names
The difference between web hosting and domain names

web hostingIn today’s world majority of us interact with website but very few people understand what happens behind the scenes to make a website accessible anywhere.

The question arises, what makes this possible. well all websites are powered by web hosting and Domains.

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Difference between Web Hosting and Domains

A domain name, is like the address of your home. Its what is used by your site visitors to get to your website e.g. when you register your domain name, it gives your the sole ownership to use the name on your website and not one may use it in their own websites.

Without a domain you would not be able to use a domain name such as, making your site appear unprofessional if your visitors are able to load it at all.

Web hosting

A web hosting normally refers to the web server that stores lots of data files.  Its usually a space that you rent out in order to hold your website. without a hosting then it means your website will not have place to host your files which make up the website. 

What do i consider while choosing web hosting services?


What makes your web host more special than the other? what is the differentiation factor that you see in one web host over the other


do your web host offer real time support, are they ready to help you in case you get stuck  how do you contact them does a social media post on their timeline works, is it e-mail or a call.


how much does it cost to host with them, is it affordable to within your rich. how flexible are their payment  terms is it monthly or yearly.

Tech Features

This includes the disk size, RAM Memory, how often do they update their servers. can they host site with heavy content such as images and videos?

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