Computer Parts and Hardwares’ Supplies

Looking for Computer parts and hardware’s supplies? We’ve got your Cover

iDeveloper Technologies delivers integrated Computer Parts and Hardware’s supplies in Kenya.  Our ICT Services in Kenya ensures use of cutting edge technology in the provision of our services. 

Some of the major Computer Parts and Hardware’s provided by us include; Networking hardware, computer accessories, Desktop & Laptops, Servers.  

Our experts provide complete support to all our clients and  help them maintain the functionality of all their hardware’s

computer parts and hardware's

What we Deliver | Quality Products from Leading Manufacturers

Server Computer

Optimal performing server computers from leading brands. Including Dell, HP, Toshiba

Desktops & Laptops

We Get you both refurbished and brand new Desktop & Laptop Computers at better rates

Networking Devices

We ensure provision of Leading networking hardware & devices from the popular brands

Security & Surveillance

Provision of leading security and surveillance CCTV systems, DVR & NVR, Access control systems

Hardware Setup and Support

Part of the solutions we offer under our computer parts and hardware’s supplies services in Kenya, it the provisioning of hardware equipment to fully integrate with your systems. We ensure that the hardware configured fully integrates with your business software solutions that work in hand with the hardware.

Software Setup and Support 

Software failure is usually a major cause of business downtime.  Over time, some software needs to replaced or updated to current technological advancement. Living in a Digital based solutions world, we want to ensure that we deliver not only on desktop-based software but also on Search Engine optimized web-based systems.