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iDeveloper Technologies has been providing outsourced desktop, web design services in Kenya IT Consultancy and network management and currently supports a number of clients across the country. Our customers operate in many industry sectors including law, retail, accounting, sales, banking and corporate

At iDeveloper Technologies we believe that technology impacts on our daily ways of life and has become a part of us. We have cars, driven by technology, schools, working at home and other solutions as a result.  Our blogging articles on tech are designed to keep you up to date with the normal and trending tech issues that have arose. we keep you informed and ensure that we can also give you information of what happens in our daily day to day lives

We work to ensure that we deliver tech solution as part of our existence. we look to offer various services under tech including website design and development, voice over IP,  computer repair and maintenance services, IT consultancy and other Tech related needs of our daily needs.

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access control systems

7 Reasons Small Business should invest in Access control systems

Access Control System Access control system is security protocols that can be used to limit who uses various facility and resources within an organization.  Access control system provide you with the security you need to ensure that you have sophisticated security solutions. Modern day organization are faced with various security challenges,...