not all rules are worth following

Not all rules are worth following

"WHO said it could not be done? And what  great victory has he to his credit, which qualifies him to judge others accurately?" -Napoleon Hill If we track a normal person life, the script always goes like; As a kid, he/she goes to school, gets a good grade, goes to university [...]


The Biggest Failure, is Not Trying at all

The Biggest Failure, is Not Trying at all How many times have we passed out great opportunities since we couldn't make decisions? countless numbers of great idea get lost during this process the reason being procrastination, you see there is never a right time or perfect time. You'll never be [...]

living in the information age

Living in the information age?

Living in the information age We are living in the information age, yeah we all know that! Some call it digital information age others just say information age, no fuss about. You see we've been through industrial revolution, the agrarian revolution; where it was about agriculture and feeding the population [...]