Benefits of Bullet CCTV Cameras

bullet cctv cameras

Benefits of Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV Cameras 

Bullet CCTV cameras make up one of the most effective CCTV Security solutions.  Bullet CCTV cameras provide great quality at low cost and also encompass various features, they’re flexible enough to fit in various locations. 

They can function on both indoor and outdoor, and also perform on both low lights and normal light condition. 

Most bullet CCTV Cameras are waterproof this shields them from damage related to rain in case outdoor. 

Benefits of Bullet CCTV Cameras


These cameras bring about a variety, they can be IP or Analogue, fitted with motion sensor also zoom tilt. most of them can be embedded with micro SD card to increase their storage.

Positioning / Location

One of the major factors to consider while sourcing for CCTV Cameras is Positioning or where to locate it. Bullet CCTV Camera are ideal for placement particularly outdoor, they have a great tilt ability.

Water Proof

being a camera that is mostly placed out the door, Bullet Cameras tend to withstand nearly all weather conditions. They are designed for that as a result, they give you the security regardless the weather condition.


most of these cameras are small in size, they don’t occupy bigger space and for this reason ideal for placement where there’s limited space. They’re less intruding as a result.


with their ability to cover crucial or targeted space within your premises, bullet cameras help not to intrude on other people privacy particularly when they’re not subject to your surveillance thus protecting their privacy

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Bullet cameras are designed with the ability to move, they’re not static and be able to monitor more than one location depending on the movement configuration. with their flexible neck design, this aids the camera in its’ ability to move around.

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