7 SEO tools For Small Business in Kenya

seo for small business in kenya

7 SEO tools For Small Business in Kenya

7 SEO tools For Small Business in Kenya

We all need to start from somewhere. so you might as well hit the ground running. to start with, we’re going to look at the 7 SEO tools for small business in Kenya. as your business grows you’ll get to see the need of a well rounded search engine optimization for your business.

SEO makes one of the core component of digital marketing solutions in the information age. This will only be achieved with a responsive optimized website for your business. what i want to emphasise, is that the 7 SEO tools for small business in Kenya, do not bring with them immediate impact, as SEO needs patient, and as for this reason, the need to understand the the various search engine optimization essentials.

In this post, we’re going to view a list of 7 SEO tools for small business in Kenya.

1. Google Search Console

It’s not among the most advance or best, but one of the best for beginers, as it offers more detail info on your website health.  The google search console gives you some numbers to fully understand where your site stands at the current moment. It only take a few poke around to understand how the console works

seo for small business in kenya


2. SEMrush.

if looking to understand more technical aspects of your site, or also details on how you competitors website is performing, then SEMrush offers the best solutions to improve your SEO.


seo for small business in kenya


check out SEMrush website

3. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a good place to start particularly if you want to also understand your competitors site analysis. Being and browser extension, then you need to quickly master how to use one. it works seamlessly with all browsers and gives you all the services accross all the browsers

4. Scan Backlink

Scan Backlink is a tool that scans your website back link components, and also your onsite optimization techniques. it offers several solutions to your website needs, and thus one of the most effective seo tools for small business in kenya.

see scan backlink website

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5. Yoast SEO Plugin

One of the greatest seo tools for small business in kenya that you can use. it comes in both free and premium plugin, yoast is a WordPress based plugin, and fully analyzes your website for various SEO floor. enhances use of Site keywords, meta description and also optimization of images.

6. SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer as the name suggest is a great tool to analyse your website seo score. managed by one of the leading digital marketing guru around in our times, it offers great and informative data to help understand your website health and how to grow it more

7. Keyword Research tools

We all know keywords form the foundation of Search Engine optimization. Keyword research tools, are among the must have seo tools for small business in Kenya.  They offer the best platform to gain clues on which keywords to use for your website as ranking factors. below are some of the top keyword research tools

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