10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Start ups in Kenya


10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Start ups in Kenya

Social Media Marketing Tips

as more and more business goes online, social media marketing becomes more and more crucial. The connection potential of this platforms makes them even more difficult to ignore. There is more to like about social media marketing. Compared to traditional marketing its more cheaper, easy to handle, easy to tweak and also easy to track your social media campaign performance.


with google as the most dominant search engine, more  emphasis has been given to natural link building and social platform and what a better place to start than social media platforms? with such changes, companies and business can no longer ignore social media marketing. As the more and more social media platform grow, it mean more business must adapt with this changes.

Here are the 10 Social media marketing tips for your startup.

1. Set up a blog page on your company website

with your blog on your main website, you create a platform where you can inform your audience of the relevant information on the industry regarding your business. it’s a place where you demonstrate your expertise of the industry that your serve. in reference to social media marketing, the blog page provides an opportunity for you to populate your social sites and also encourage your users to share your content

2.Create a social media presence

Having a social media presence gives you the opportunity to start social media marketing. Your business needs to have a presence on facebook, twitter, google plus and also Instagram. this are platforms that control over half the world population this means more reach and even a greater chance to convert.

3.Use creative Images and Infographics

One of the greatest Social media marketing tips is infographics. it revolves around making sure that you keep your audience engaged and also updated with the latest information. Captivating images and infographics are a great place to start this are because particularly the infographic can hold so much information with good looks graphics that encourages reading of content.

4.Focus on social media channel

Focus on one or two social media platform that you’ve research your audience spend much of their time in, unless you’re a big organization where all your audience are scattered all over, maximizing your efforts on the platform that most accessible with your audience makes a greater place to engage in social media marketing.

5.Utilize # Hashtags, Facebook groups in your marketing

each social media platform have their strength but #hashtags and Facebook groups enables your social media marketing campaign to reach even a bigger audience as in most cases they are highly targeted and you can use them for specific products that you want to sell to your audience

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6.Automate and schedule your campaign

You can use various tools to automate your recurrent activities more over, you can use this tools to schedule your post to appear when you’re not working such as during the nights and also during the weekends when your not busy at work. there are various tools out there that can be used to automate your processes such as; Hootsuite, buffer and postfity 

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7. Consistency in Content Delivery

Providing high-quality content for your audience should be top of your goals,  one of the best way to grow your followers an audience is to consistently deliver content that is relevant, interesting and valuable to your audience. great content attracts people naturally and this increases the 8.Customize your social pages

are your company pages a reflection of your brand, do they give the feel that this is your brand and not another?  customize your Twitter and Facebook pages and other social media platforms to fully make them reflect on your products or services that you offer as a brand. 

9. Analytics and tracking

To fully realize the impact of your social media marketing activities, it’s good to track your campaigns and analyze them. The good thing is that Google and all other social media platforms offer analytics pages where you can check the performance of your site content. check google analytics here, Twitter analytics and for  Facebook, the page insights offer the analytics.

10. Set up Paid Social Media Ads

Regardless of all, you’ve heard about advertisements, social ads can be used to track page visitors who have visited your site before. The good thing with Ads is that they are very targeted and for this reason, you can reach even a wider audience and convert your audiences. 

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