We are a friendly IT organization providing all sizes of organization with leading-edge Web Design and ICT Services Kenya.

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Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya

Select below from our Web Design & ICT Services in Kenya

Web Design
our Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya, help you take your business online through robust websites that make you stand out from the rest
Desktop & Web Applications
Get customized Desktop & Web based Applications that serve to make your infrastructure robust and dynamic. Get started with our Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya
Networking & Internet Solutions
we enable your organization maximize performance & productivity, network security & simplify network management.our services are top notch

Surveillance & Security systems
Our solutions incorporate cutting edge digital technology including network and remote monitoring.Through our web design and ICT services, we strive to ensure your most prized assets are safe
ICT Consultancy
We enable you to transform your IT infrastructure through our unique consulting methodology.
ICT Systems Supplies
We ensure that the hardware requirements you need are of high quality and guarantee results

E-Learning Portal Development
we create your online management systems that helps both Corporate, Government & learning institutions offer easy learning platform.

E-learning management System

Digital Marketing
The future is social, don’t be left out of the revolutions, more and more people are accessing the internet through the social sites. Get your presence where it matters most.

digital marketing

Voice Over IP (VoIP)
IP Phone systems Help reduce the cost of your phone systems compared to the old systems. It doesn’t limit you with the number of stations per person.

voice over IP

Corporate Training
From Public, Government & NGOs, to Professionals and Individual Development, Our Training provide solutions to high end Technologies leading to Capacity development



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Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya


We are a friendly IT organization providing all sizes of organization with leading-edge Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya. We were formed with the aim of assisting organizations in using modern technology with a close relationship and continual personal interaction between our staff and the client.

iDeveloper Technologies has been providing outsourced ICT Services in Kenya including desktop, web design & development, IT Consultancy, Social Media Marketing, and network management and currently supports a number of clients across the country. Our Web Design and ICT Services in Kenya covers a wide range of clients operating in many industry sectors including law, retail, accounting, sales, banking and corporate



Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing
We deliver and help generate traffic to your site increasing your conversion rates. Times have changed don’t be stuck on old-school marketing. We can help you fit into the digital marketing world
Social Media Marketing
Get reach even more of your audience online via social media. We all know more than 2 billion people use social media. Our social media marketing team is well versed with the trends in social media
You’ve Got your site & yet don’t rank on first page on search results, Our Digital Marketing Services in Kenya, seek to make your site rank higher than your competitor. Get you offer today
E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing, provides a great platform to reach your clients, nearly every owns an E-mail. With our Digital Marketing Services in Kenya, we design E-mail campaigns, Template Design, Lead Generation.
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing includes paid advertising, this includes; Google Adwords. Quickly Get into the first page of google. Increase your ROI and also increase your site traffic. Learn about social media marketing
Content Marketing
let us build, blog, and share your content to increase leads and generate new conversions. learn the steps to create digital marketing strategy. your clients would like to here about your brand, This is an effective way to generate leads