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About Our SEO Services in Kenya

SEO services in Kenya, are becoming one of the most sought-after digital marketing services technique.  Search engine optimization is the process of making your website more search engine friendly and also user-friendly encompassing skills in content creation, and social media marketing.

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This makes your website have a great presence online and thus generating organic traffic. There are more search engine optimization factors that make your website rank higher. These factors keep on changing over time. 

If your website keyword doesn’t rank you on the first page of search engines, then you lose out on business generated from ranking on the first page. SEO is crucial to all organization regardless you’re a computer hardware or ICT services specialist like us.

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SEO services in kenya

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Competitor Analysis
This provides an analysis of potential competitors, their strength and weakness thus determining your business threats as well as opportunities
Keyword Analysis
This are words and phrases that most potential clients search for on the search engine. we conduct a keyword research that is competitive and seek to rank you even higher
On Page SEO
This is on of the core process of our SEO services in Kenya. It involves designing your site structure and site content to be more search engine friendly
Link Building
Increasing the number of sites that link content back to your website, improves the organic search rank of your site. Having more backlinks is one of the core’s of SEO.
Local Business Listings
Local business listing are crucial in SEO since they help you get found by potential clients. This may be inform of local business directories. They also offer great backlinks to your website
Content Creation
as it’s said, content is king. Having great content that is relevant to your audience, makes a great opportunity to target them and reach even greater shares of your content.

Site Map Generation
Having a sitemap is like telling search engines what content is on your website and where to find them, this is very resourceful in rank for SEO. Having a sitemap is one of the things that can see your page rank rise higher faster
Mobile First Website
with 83% mobile subscription in kenya, and 93% subscriber accessing internet via mobile, it only makes sense to have a mobile friendly website. Google give preference on mobile friendly site in search ranking
Social Media Engagements
Having and engaging social media prensence allows more of your subscribers to share your content over the social platform thus having great effect towards your ranking and traffic

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