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school management systems

Why School Management Systems?

Every School is unique and so are it’s requirements.  You need a Solution that works for your School. Our school management systems seek to address your institution needs and offer solutions to your school problem. 

we ensure that our software solutions use cutting-edge technology with modern day solutions.  You do not need to be a programmer to own your school management systems. all you need is an idea and we’ll implement it.

iDeveloper Technologies liberates your school processes functionalities by automating the processes with our school management systems. 

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Our School Management Solution is well designed and user-friendly interface for all device view giving great view just like Learning Management System. The system can be easily be used by both expert and novice users.  Both Parents and stakeholders can easily use the system.  The system is modern, competent and economical designed solution to enable school staff, & parents more productive and effective by saving their time.

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Benefits of our school management solutions

The system can be easily used by both expert and novice user making it ideal for both parents and non-technical school staff
We ensure that the system is affordable and within range. by using modern day technology that enhances quality and efficiency.

The system is well designed with great ergonomics that ensure there is a great interaction between the users and the system functionality.

Our team of experts is ready to assist customize the system in case it does not fully meet your needs. you can have it customized by adding extra features that are unique to your own needs.

Key Features of the School Management Systems


Fee Management 

Admission Management

Exam Management

Student Management

Library Management 

Staff Management

Store Management