Computer Parts and Hardwares’ Supplies

Looking for Computer parts and hardware supplies? We’ve got your Cover

iDeveloper Technologies delivers integrated Computer Parts and Hardware’s supplies in Kenya.  Our ICT Services in Kenya ensures use of cutting edge technology in the provision of our services. 

Some of the major Computer Parts and Hardware’s provided by us include; Networking hardware, computer accessories, Desktop & Laptops, Servers.  

Our experts provide complete support to all our clients and  help them maintain the functionality of all their hardware’s

computer parts and hardware's

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Computer Parts and Hardware’s Supplies Services

Computer servers are key towards any business be it small or big, and web-based solutions business. one of our Computer parts and hardware'scomputer parts supplies services is the provision of Server PC.

Server PC enable the centralization of activities and aid in the monitoring of activities of users.  A server that crashes down every other time is a business nightmare. 

with cutting-edge ICT Services in Kenya, our team of engineers will help your organization set up and configure your server environment.  At iDeveloper Technologies, we have a wide range and team of experts to fully configure and set up your server environment and also provide Consultancy and Tech support for your organization.


Printers are a must have in every business out there. Most printers integrate very well with computer parts and components to make up a fully functional system.

In our ICT Services in Kenya, we repair all kinds of printers' and also supply major printers to all our parts Our Technicians are well trained to train all your printer challenges and also may advise on how to optimize your printer performance, update drivers and firmware to boost your printer performance.  

We Deliver both desktop and laptops, refurbished and brand new machines. for all your Desktop and Laptopcomputer parts computer parts, we ensure that you get the best deal around.

Our Technicians can repair your business equipment at your location and at your preferred time. if your system is running slow and not performing then we're up to the task to sort you out.  Living in a digital-based solutions world where the end users understand the need and importance of websites, & social media growth. we believe that every organization needs these gadgets.

iDeveloper Technologies offer a complete set of network lifecycle hardware's, that seek to ensure that your computer partsnetwork infrastructure is optimized for performance. Our network resources provide strategies ensuring high performance of end to end network infrastructure and other integrated IT system interacting with it. with increasing need for hardware interconnectivity, we offer the following Network hardware; network switches, Routers, Network cables. also, we deliver network-based IP Cameras offering 24/7 surveillance of your organization

What we Offer 

computer partsWe are ready to offer you advice on how to select the best hardware for your business. with leading experts in the industry, we ensure that we get you the best IT Hardware for you to adopt for your services

computer partsOur technicians are ready to help set up and configure all your need IT Hardware for your use. we're experts in the field and ready to help you manage your business.

computer partsWe also offer support and maintenance of all IT Hardware. Our team of experts are ready to offer you support on site to help minimize downtown on your services.

Hardware Setup and Support

Part of the solutions we offer under our computer parts and hardware’s supplies services in Kenya, it the provisioning of hardware equipment to fully integrate with your systems. We ensure that the hardware configured fully integrates with your business software solutions that work in hand with the hardware.

Software Setup and Support 

Software failure is usually a major cause of business downtime.  Over time, some software needs to replaced or updated to current technological advancement. Living in a Digital based solutions world, we want to ensure that we deliver not only on desktop-based software but also on Search Engine optimized web-based systems.